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If you’ve ever had scratchy, dry skin in the winter, imagine living with it all year long and having it become infected. That’s what eczema sufferers deal with every day. Sanjiv K. Saini, MD, at MD Dermatology & Laser Center — with offices in Gambrills, Edgewater, and Lexington Park, Maryland — can help you get and maintain healthy skin. Go online to book your appointment or call today.

Eczema Q & A

What is eczema?

Eczema, sometimes called atopic dermatitis, is a non-contagious skin condition that runs in families. Although eczema affects both adults and children, it's more common in younger children and infants. For many eczema sufferers, the condition is chronic and may put some at risk of developing other allergic conditions, such as asthma and hay fever. Most infants outgrow the condition.

Although the symptoms vary from person to person, babies usually get eczema on their faces or scalps. The most common symptoms in adults include:

  • Itchy, dry skin (especially at night)
  • Cracked, scaly skin
  • Red or brownish-grey patches of thickened skin
  • Bumpy, irritated skin (which can ooze or crust over)
  • Raw or swollen skin, or a rash

What causes eczema?

The exact cause of eczema is unknown. However, the skin of eczema sufferers can't protect itself from irritants and allergens. Unlike healthy skin, the skin of eczema sufferers doesn't produce as much fat and oil for moisture and doesn't act as a protective layer against bacteria or harmful elements.

A combination of factors that contribute to eczema include:

  • A malfunctioning immune system
  • Problems with the skin barrier  
  • Environmental issues
  • Heredity or genetics
  • Activities that cause skin sensitivity

Is there a cure for eczema?

There’s no cure for eczema. Dr. Saini recommends proper treatment to control symptoms, and ways to reduce the number of outbreaks.


Depending on the severity of your outbreak, Dr. Saini prescribes medicated ointments that will control and repair the skin irritation. He may also recommend antibiotic creams if your skin is infected. In severe cases, Dr. Saini prescribes oral drugs like prednisone to reduce inflammation.

Environmental or lifestyle changes

In addition to medications to relieve your irritated skin, there are choices in products and changes in activities that may keep outbreaks from occurring so often. These include:

  • Establishing a skin care routine which includes moisturizing
  • Wearing gloves when washing dishes or doing work where your hands are in water
  • Avoiding extreme heat and sudden temperature changes
  • Wearing loose-fitting clothes made of natural fibers
  • Avoiding exposure to allergens, strong soaps, and detergents

If you are having problems with itchy, dry skin and think you may have eczema, go online or call today to book an appointment with Dr. Saini at MD Dermatology & Laser Center, with offices in Gambrills, Edgewater, and Lexington Park, Maryland.


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