Why Use Medical Grade Skin Care?

Medical grade skin care services and products can offer you much more than products found at your local drugstore. You will receive higher potency of important skin-care ingredients, and you can take advantage of a medical professional’s knowledge every time you visit our practice.

High-Quality Ingredients

Many over-the-counter skin care products have the lowest amount of certain ingredients, because some ingredients may require a person to be under a cosmetic physician’s care. Over-the-counter products are often filled with water and other fillers to dilute ingredients. Prescription-strength skincare products and services, which can be found at medical spas, are much more effective for treating wrinkles, dark spots, or acne. These products are best used under a medical professional’s supervision.

Medical Services

Instead of doing a self-diagnosis which can be harmful and dangerous meet with one of our skincare specialist to properly consult the skin issue and offer treatment options. Taking advantage of medical grade skin care services gives you access to a trained and experienced medical professional who has a better idea of which ingredients and products would work best for your skin issue. You can also take advantage of medical grade peels and facial products in conjunction which will provide your skin with a boost in healthy ingredients.

Advanced Technology

Several over-the-counter products were first used by physicians before ending up in a drugstore. However, these products were likely altered, with lower dosages and added fillers, to appeal to a broader range of skin types. If you want first access to newer and better skincare products, visit our office and receive a free consultation.  We carry products that will never be found at a local drugstore.

Better Value

Medical-grade products penetrate the skin more efficiently than those sold in stores. This penetration allows the products to achieve desired results in a quicker time frame. Products obtained from our dermatologist are overall a better value. They offer better results, and you have someone able to monitor your progress and help pick the products for your skin care needs.

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